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William Monroe High School


“Home of the Dragons”




Athletic Department Handbook





William Monroe High School

Katie Brunelle, Principal

Brian Collier, Athletic Director

Andy Kelly, Athletic Trainer

Web address:

Athletics web page:



Athletic Department Phone: (434) 939-9004

Athletic Department Fax: (434) 985-1461


William Monroe Athletic Teams and Coaching Staff


Fall                                                                              Winter

 Cheerleading: Stephanie Litton (Head)                                Boys’ Varsity Basketball: Brett Maynard


            Maddie Lamb (Asst.)                                                 Girls’ Varsity Basketball: Jess Stafford


Cross Country: Kendall Tata                                                 Basketball Cheer: Stephanie Litton


Varsity Football: Jon Rocha                                                   Swimming: Katherine Taylor


Varsity Golf: Ronnie Morris                                                  Wrestling: Mike Sizemore


Varsity Volleyball: Leah Wimmer                                         






Varsity Baseball: Mike Maynard


Boys’ Varsity Soccer: Matt Dunn


Girls’ Varsity Soccer: Jeremy Lamm


Varsity Softball: Greg Breeden


Outdoor Track: Mike Sizemore, Cassandra Jansch














A message from the AD


Welcome to William Monroe High School, home of the DRAGONS.  As another school year begins I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back and encourage your participation in the many extracurricular activities here at William Monroe.  It is only through your involvement that we can achieve excellence.


As a member of the Northwestern District and Region 3B, we currently compete in 25 different VHSL sponsored varsity activities.  From the playing field to the stage and everywhere in between, I believe our students gain valuable, life-long experiences through involvement in such activities that help mold them into responsible, positive members of our community.


As we begin a new year, I encourage you to take part in as many extracurricular events as you can.  Whether it is as a player or a fan, these moments shared with classmates and community members will form memories that will last a lifetime.  Through the support of our student body, parents, faculty and staff and the community as a whole, I am confident we can provide quality opportunities for our students to perform at the highest levels.


I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and would like to thank you in advance for your hard work and dedication to William Monroe High School.  It is these qualities that will ensure the success of our extracurricular activities.  Should you have any questions now or throughout the year please fee free to contact me at 939-9004 or


T (together) E (everyone) A (achieves) M (more)

Brian Collier, Activities Director




A Message From the Coaches and Sponsors

of VHSL Activities at WMHS



It is our philosophy that not only are we here to teach students the skills and strategies needed to be successful in our activities, but that we should also to the best of our abilities prepare our students to be competitive in the game of life.  We feel that rules and policies for participation in VHSL activities are an important key to achieving this.  Self-discipline, responsibility, commitment, attendance in school, success in academics, (SOL), decision making, and dealing with consequences will be the results of these policies and combined, can build character and self-esteem.  It is our hope that not only will this help our student participants to be successful during their years here at William Monroe, but that they will leave with a sense of pride and confidence that will carry over and contribute to their being successful, productive adults with positive memories of high school activities.  As always, we appreciate your on-going support of William Monroe High School and our VHSL programs.








William Monroe High School Athletic Handbook

A Guide for William Monroe High School Student-Athletes and their Parents






  1. Athletic Department Roster and Message


  1. Virginia High School League


  1. Assumption of Risk


  1. Additional Requirements for Student-Athletes/Managers


  1. AAU/Independent Teams


  1. Hazing/Bullying


  1. Social Media


  1. Training Rules


  1. Sportsmanship and Code of Ethics


  1. Academics


  1. Awards


  1. Transportation


  1. Try Outs


  1. Two Sport Athlete


  1. WMHS Athletic Boosters


  1. College Athletic Participation


  1. Injured Athlete Return to Play protocol and expectations


  1. Media Consent


  1. Parent Signature Form








Virginia High School League (VHSL)


The Virginia High School League (VHSL) is an organization of public high schools in Virginia.  The league seeks to encourage student participation in desirable school activities by conducting or supporting programs of interscholastic activities.  VHSL was developed in 1913 and is located in Charlottesville, Virginia.  It publishes annually a code of rules for all VHSL activities in the state, and this handbook is available for reference by contacting your Activities Director or by viewing their website at




 ​To be eligible to represent your school in any VHSL interscholastic contest, you:


♦Must be a regular bona fide student in good standing of the school you represent.

 ♦Must be enrolled in the last four years of high school (8th graders are eligible for JV).

 ♦Must have enrolled not later than the fifteenth day of the current semester.

♦For the first semester must be currently enrolled in no fewer than five subjects, or their equivalent,

offered for credit and which may be used for graduation and have passed five subjects, or their equivalent, offered for credit and which may be used for graduation the immediately preceding year or the immediately preceding semester for school that certify credits on a semester basis. (Check with your principal for equivalent requirements). May not repeat courses for eligibility purposes for which credit has been previously awarded. (Note: ​For schools using block scheduling, three semester block courses satisfy the five subject requirements.)

♦For the second semester must be enrolled in not fewer than five subjects, or their equivalent, offered for

            credit which may be used for graduation the immediately preceding year.

♦Must sit out all VHSL competition for 365 consecutive calendar days following a school transfer unless

            the transfer corresponded with a family move. (Check with principal for exceptions).

♦Must not have reached your nineteenth birthday on or before the first day of August of the current school


♦Must not, after entering the ninth grade for the first time, have enrolled in or been eligible for enrollment

in high school more than eight consecutive semesters. For this student, the eight consecutive semesters shall be counted continuously beginning with his/her first semester in the ninth grade or the first semester in which he/she becomes “un­graded”, whichever comes first.

♦Must have submitted to your principal or designee before any kind of participation, including tryouts or

 practice as a member of any school athletic or cheerleading team, an athletic participation/parent

 consent/ physical examination form, completely filled in and properly signed attesting that you

 have been examined during this school year and found to be physically fit for athletic competition

 and that your parents consent to your participation.

♦Must not be in violation of the VHSL amateur, awards, all­star or college team rules. (Check with

            principal for clarification regarding cheerleading)


Eligibility to participate in interscholastic athletics/activities is a privilege you earn by meeting not only the above­ listed minimum standards, but also all other standards set by your League, district and school. If you have questions regarding your eligibility or are in doubt about the effect an activity might have on your eligibility, check with your principal for interpretations and exceptions provided under League rules. Meeting the intent and spirit of League standards will prevent you, your team, school and community from being penalized. When allowing their son/daughter to join a VHSL team, parents also give their consent and approval for his/her picture and name to be printed in any high school or VHSL athletic program, publication or video. Local school divisions and VHSL districts may require additional standards to those listed above



Any student academically ineligible at the beginning of a season, may not gain eligibility during that season and join a team.  Example:  A student ineligible during the first semester may not become eligible at the end of the semester and join a winter team.  That student would be eligible to try out for a spring team.


Any student who misses the entire prescribed tryout period due to school disciplinary action will not be allowed to tryout.


Any student who must miss the prescribed tryout period due to an injury or illness may be given a tryout when cleared by a medical professional as long as the time period is within reason.  Any prolonged instances must be approved by the coach and Athletic Director






On September 22, 2012 the VHSL Executive Committee passed an energy drink policy which is in effect immediately for all VHSL member schools. The basics of this policy are as follows: A recommendation that athletes not consume energy drinks during participation in VHSL practices and competition. The penalty for violation of this rule is a warning to the member school. Energy Drinks are defined as drinks advertised as boosting energy. These drinks do not emphasize energy derived from the calories they contain but rather through a choice of caffeine, vitamins and herbal supplements the manufacturer has combined. Some common examples of energy drinks are Amp, Monster and Red Bull. Fluid Replacement Drinks or drinks used to replenish body fluid after exercise are defined as drinks that are designed to replace energy and electrolytes, used especially to assist the body in recovering from exercise. Some common examples of fluid replacement drinks are Gatorade and Powerade. Soft drinks such as Coke and Pepsi, while not fluid replacement drinks, are not classified as energy drinks.


VHSL Participant Training Rule (Substance Abuse Policy)


Athletic training rules are in effect for all VHSL participants at William Monroe during any activity season whether they are on or off school property (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).  VHSL participants who are found to have possessed and/or used alcohol or illegal drugs while as a member of a current VHSL activity will be prohibited from participating for the remainder of the activity.  Return to any VHSL participation after the season will be at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee, Principal, Athletic Director, and Coach. Information regarding an alleged violation of a training rule should be reported to the activity’s coach. After reviewing and investigating the actual and concrete facts, a decision will be determined jointly, by the coach, the Athletic Director, and the Principal. 




Assumption of risk


By allowing your child to participate in a sport, you understand and assume the risk of injury.  You understand that the risk of injury varies significantly from one sport to another and that contact and collision sports carry a higher risk. Injuries may range from minor to catastrophic, resulting in permanent damage or even death (rare).  By allowing your child to participate you assume all financial responsibilities that may occur from an injury.  If you would like more specific information about a particular sport, it will be provided on request.


Participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT, earned by the student who meets eligibility requirements set by the VHSL, the District, the school board, and the school coach.  Questions pertaining to the following additional requirements should be directed to the Athletic Director.


  1. Academic: All participants shall exhibit good citizenship as well as maintain the VHSL scholastic requirement of “take 5  pass 5”, in addition to any further standards prescribed by the Athletic Department.


  1. Physicals – Medical Examination: All athletes shall have on file in the Athletic office a completed VHSL Athletic Participation/Parental Consent/Physician’s Certificate Form.  No student may participate in practices or games unless he/she has a physical on file which is dated after May 1 of the current year.  Conditioning for each sport and proper fundamentals will be taught by the coach.  Coaches will abide by the Virginia High School League rules regarding the number of practice sessions required before an athlete is allowed to compete in an athletic contest.  In the event of an injury, first aid will be provided by the team doctor, athletic trainer, coach, or other designated medical personnel.  Follow-up treatment may be necessary on subsequent days in the training room.  If a participant is treated by a physician or trainer he/she will not be allowed to practice or play in any VHSL contest unless the physician or trainer provides written approval.  Students MAY NOT try out for any of our activities without a physical on file


  1. Due to the recent change in guidelines set fourth by the VHSL in relation to the Out-of –Season    Practice Rule, all students at William Monroe wanting to participate in any pre or post season workouts or conditioning (including weight room training run by our coaching staff members) must have a completed physical on file, must have medical insurance, and may not neglect obligations made to current school activities.


  1. William Monroe High School does NOT carry an insurance policy for student injuries which occur while a student is involved in interscholastic sports in or out of season.  This may be provided through a personal policy or through the student insurance program.  Parents or guardians of a student participating in sports will need to purchase the student insurance plan provided through the school, if their son/daughter is not covered under a personal family plan. Student insurance may be purchased throughout the school year.  The student insurance program does not normally provide coverage for an athlete participating in varsity football.  A special rider will need to be purchased to provide this coverage.  William Monroe High School and the School Board of Greene County will not accept the responsibility of payment for the treatment of injuries resulting from a student involved in interscholastic sports in or out of season.


  1. Attendance Requirements: All participants are expected to maintain their daily schedule on a regular basis. Repeated absences or early dismissals may affect participation and ultimately membership on the team. A participant must be present in school to practice or participate in any school activity unless approved by the school Athletic Director or Principal. You must be in attendance no later than 10:00 AM and be present the remainder of the day.  If for some reason you need to leave early, you must be present until 1:00 PM in order to participate that day and have been in attendance from the beginning of school.  We understand that circumstances will arise that require a student to be absent for things such as Dr.’s appointment, funerals, etc.  In these cases the coaches and administration may allow participation on those days.  We ask that we be giving prior notice so that we are prepared.  Please email the Coach, Mr. Collier, and the attendance office at least a day prior to the planned absence.  The current tardy policy is in effect for all students at William Monroe High School and failure to follow regulations will result in social probation which will affect participation in after school activities including athletic activities, practices, games, etc.


  1. Bona Fide Student Rule: To be eligible to represent the school in any VHSL, Inc. sponsored interscholastic contest a student shall meet the following requirements (1) A “regular” student is considered a full-time student who is in regular attendance and is carrying a schedule of subjects which, if successfully completed, will render him/her scholastically eligible for League participation the ensuing semester.  28-1-1 Bona FIDE STUDENT RULE – The student shall be a regular bona fide student in good standing of the school which he/she represents. Policy Manual 28-1-2 Exception: A student who through school board assignment attends a non-member public school from which he/she will graduate.  Such student shall be eligible to represent the high school serving the school district in which his/her parents reside.  2) Any student who is under penalty of suspension, or whose character or conduct is such as to reflect discredit upon his/her school, is not considered in good standing.   (3) Any student is permitted to take course work outside the VHSL high school building provided he/she is enrolled in the high school and is eligible in all other respects.


  1. Out-Of-School Suspension: Any participant given out-of school suspension will be ineligible during the suspension.  In addition, they may be disciplined further by the Principal, Athletic Director, or the Coach by temporary or permanent suspension from the team.

Note: For the purposes of extra-curricultar activities, students that are out-of-school suspended are ineligible to participate the day of the disciplinary action is taken.


  1. In-School-Suspension (ISS): Any participant serving ISS, may not participate in practice or a contest on the day they are serving ISS.


  1. After School Detention: Any participant assigned after school detention will be required to attend the detention.  If a detention conflicts with a practice or a game, the student may not participate while serving after school detention, unless approved by the assigning Principal or Athletic Director.  The student will not be excused from the detention


  1. School Debts: Students owing a debt to the school will be ineligible to participate in athletics until the debt is paid.  This includes but is not limited to fees for lost books, uniforms and equipment.


  1. Equipment Distribution and Return: Athletic equipment and uniforms will be issued to team members by the coach at the beginning of a season.  Equipment and uniforms are for use by William Monroe High School participant teams only.  They should not be used by anyone at anytime other than VHSL in-season scheduled contests and practice sessions.  Damaged equipment should be returned to the head coach immediately for replacement or repair.  Equipment and uniforms will be checked in at the conclusion of a season.  Participants will be held responsible for lost equipment and uniforms, as well as items showing (excessive wear) abuse.  All equipment and uniforms must be turned in before a participant is eligible for post season awards or eligible to receive equipment/uniforms for another activity. VHSL participants are placed on social probation if equipment is not returned or paid for within 3 days after the last activity


  1. Vandalism or Theft:  Any VHSL participant who vandalizes and/or steals from a student or teammate, on school property or from another school will be disciplined and may be dismissed from the team.


  1. Dismissal/Quitting Policy: If an athlete decides to quit or is released from a team before the completion of the season, he/she will not be allowed to join another team during that same season or the next season without approval from the Athletic Director.


  1. Student Manager: A student interested in becoming a student manager for a Dragon activity or team should contact the coach/sponsor of that team.  A student manager will be expected to be at all practice sessions/games during the season of that activity. He/She will need to fill out an emergency permission form (which can be obtained in the Athletic Office) and must meet all the requirements for a VHSL participant at William Monroe High School.  He/She will not be required to have a physical according the VHSL rules and, therefore, will not be covered under the VHSL catastrophe insurance plan.  A student manager will need to be covered by a personal health insurance plan or by the student insurance policy.  A student manager will be expected to abide by the policies and rules for VHSL participants at William Monroe High School.  A student manager can be assigned the following duties:
    1. Assist the coach/sponsor in issuing, caring for, and receiving all equipment
    2. Record, compile, and maintain records deemed necessary by the coach/sponsor
    3. Be used as an official scorekeeper or timekeeper
    4. Help prepare the activity area                               


  1. Parking: Student drivers participating in after school activities are to leave their automobiles in their assigned parking spaces. NO ONE SHOULD DRIVE UP TO THE FIELD HOUSE without permission.


  1. Eighth Grade Participation:  The purpose of Junior Varsity sports is to develop future athletes for varsity teams and to introduce as many students as possible to the athletic program at William Monroe High School.  In keeping with these standards, the coaches of junior varsity teams will enforce the following procedures and rules:  The coach will make every effort to encourage as many students as possible to try out for a team.  The number of participants on a junior varsity team will be determined by the nature of each sport.  8th grade students may participate on a junior varsity team if the coaches feel this participant can play at the J.V. level. All 8th graders are expected to abide by all policies set forth by the athletic department.


  1. Practice sessions for athletic teams are scheduled outside of normal school hours and may also be scheduled on Saturday at the discretion of the coach. No team meetings or practices can be scheduled on Sunday.  Practice sessions will be scheduled to prevent conflict with the regular school day.  (VHSL participants need to have a completed physical form on file in the Athletic Office prior to participation in a tryout and/or practice session.)  A VHSL participant is expected to be present at every practice session unless he/she is absent from school or has received prior approval from the coach.  Coaches must be notified in advance if a VHSL participant will miss practice because of academic work, appointments, vacations, etc.  Any VHSL participant who misses a practice without prior approval may be subject to disciplinary action by the coach with the Athletic Director’s approval. A VHSL participant may be dismissed from the team for excessive absences from practice, games, or continued violations of established team rules.


  1. Parents will receive a practice schedule via their student athlete. These schedules are subject to change. The Athletic Department will try to keep parents aware of such occurrences.  An athlete who is cut from one team during the tryout period may try out for another team that season if time permits.  


  1. It is understood that all matters involving the selection/playing time of our athletes is at the discretion of our coaching staff.



  1. Additional team rules may be established by the coaching staff.  Failure to follow these rules may result in the removal of the participant from the team.




Any student participating on an WMHS/VHSL athletic/academic team may not be excused or permitted to miss a scheduled team practice or event to meet, practice or compete with a non­school/independent team. Each absence or early dismissal for participation in a non­school/independent team function may result in suspension from the next scheduled school/VHSL sanctioned competition. Consistent infractions may result in elimination from the high school team and/or loss of eligibility for district competitions in accordance with team rules and attendance policies.


A student athlete who chooses to do AAU, travel team, rec. league sport:

♦Must inform his/her in ­season coach of his/her decision to participate in an out ­of­ school sport. ♦Must complete ALL duties pertaining to his/her current in­ season sport.

♦Cannot miss practice/game(s)/meeting/etc. due to out­ of ­school sport participation. Likewise,

            he/she should not arrive late or leave early from in ­season practice either.

♦Should view his/her participation in a school sport as more important than the out­ of­ school sport.





Hazing/Bullying/Harassing by WMHS/VHSL student athletic and activities participants is strictly prohibited! Hazing/Bullying/Harassing occurs when an act is committed against a student or a student is coerced into committing an act that creates a substantial risk of harm to the student (physical or mental) or to any third party in order for the student to be initiated into or affiliated with any school group, club, athletics team, grade level, activity, or organization. Hazing/Bullying/Harassing includes but is not limited to:

♦ Any activity involving risk of physical harm, including paddling, beating, whipping, branding, electric

shock, sleep deprivation, exposure to weather, placement of harmful substances on the body and participation in physically dangerous activities.

♦ Any activity involving consumption of alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, or any other food, liquid, or

 other substance that subjects the student to an unreasonable risk of physical harm.

♦ Any activity involving touching or actions of a sexual nature or the simulation of actions of a sexual


♦ Any activity that subjects a student to embarrassment, shame, or humiliation or which creates a hostile,

            abusive, or intimidating environment for the student to include social media.

♦ Any activity involving any violation of federal, state, or local law, or any violation of School District

            policies or regulations.




Athletes need to understand that pictures, messages, or anything that is posted on a social media network that is deemed in violation of a school or athletic policy can result in dismissal or suspension from athletic teams. Anything brought to the attention of the WMHS administration or coaching staff can be investigated. WMHS recognizes and supports its student athletic/activities participants’ and coaches’ rights to freedom of speech, expression, and association, including the use of social networks. In this context, however, each student athlete and must remember that playing and competing is a privilege, not a right. As a student athlete/activities participant or, you represent the high school and are expected to portray yourself, your team, and the high school in a positive manner at all times. Any online postings must therefore be consistent with federal and State laws, and team, department, school, WMHS and VHSL rules and policies (including the Guidelines listed below). If you participate on a social networking site, you must keep the following guidance in mind:

♦ Everything you post is public information – any text or photo placed online is completely out of your

control the moment it is placed online – even if you limit access to your site. Information (including pictures, videos, comments, and posters) may be accessible even after it is removed.

 ♦ Limit information about your whereabouts or plans to minimize the potential of being stalked,

            assaulted, or the victim of other criminal activity.

♦ What you post may affect your future. Many employers and school admissions officers review social

networking sites as part of their overall evaluation of an applicant. Carefully consider how you want people to perceive you before you give them a chance to misinterpret your information (including pictures, videos, comments, and posters).

♦ You are representing your family, your school, and your school division. GCPS and the Department of

            athletics will not tolerate:

♦ Comments made in person that are disrespectful and behavior online, such as: derogatory, defamatory, or vulgar language.

♦ Comments that create a serious danger to the safety of another person or that constitute a credible threat of serious physical or emotional injury to another person.

♦ Comments or photos that describe or depict unlawful assault, abuse, hazing, harassment, or discrimination; selling, possessing, or using controlled substances; or any other illegal or prohibited conduct, including violating the GCPS policy on prohibited harassment and discrimination.

♦ Comments or photos that do not represent Greene County Public Schools in a positive manner





William Monroe High School Sportsmanship and Code of Ethics


It is the ultimate goal of the William Monroe High School Athletic Department that our coaching staff, student-athletes, parents, and spectators exemplify positive sportsmanship behavior at all times.  Developing pride in our athletic programs requires a united effort of dignity and accountability for all of our actions.  This responsibility lies with each of us.  However, should there be any action on the part of our student-athletes or spectators that counteract our goal, please know that the VHSL and the WMHS administrators and the WMHS coaching staff reserve the right to mandate appropriate consequences in order to insure a safe and positive athletic experience for all.  As a member of the VHSL and the William Monroe Athletic community, each of us has a responsibility to encourage and insist upon the following actions at all of our athletic events.


  1. Be courteous to all: participants, coaches, officials, staff, and fans.  Desirable Behavior: Applause during introductions, shaking hands of opponents, showing concern for an injured player, extending hospitality to visiting players, coaches, cheerleaders, and fans.  Treat our opponents like we expect to be treated.


  1. Know the rules, abide by and respect the officials’ decisions.  Desirable Behavior: Utilizing every opportunity to promote understanding of the rules of the contest with the school and community; accept the official’s decisions without displays of temper, arguing, or derogatory remarks.


  1. Win with character and lose with dignity.  Desirable Behavior: Regardless of outcome, handshakes between opposing players and coaches; treating competition as a game, not a war; applause at end on contest for performance of all players.


  1. Exercise self-control and reflect positively upon yourself, your team, and WMHS.  Desirable Behavior: Supporting the activity by displaying TOTAL UNITY as fans; as opposed to boasting or using antics which draw attention to yourself instead of the contest.


  1. Permit only positive sportsmanlike behavior to reflect on WMHS and our programs.  Desirable Behavior: Positively encourage those around you to display only sportsmanlike conduct; discouraging use of profanity, taunting or other destructive mannerisms.




TO OUR WMHS SUPPORTERS/SPECTATORS:  We appreciate your support and POSITIVE encouragement!  We ask that your behavior be for and not against our coaching staff, visiting teams, officials, and, of course, our own student-athletes.  Should you have a concern, please be respectful enough to discuss that concern with the coach or Athletic Director at the appropriate time and place.



TO STUDENT-ATHLETE:  As a William Monroe student-athlete, you are expected to conduct yourself with integrity, sportsmanship, honesty, pride and humility.  Your conduct is closely scrutinized as you sit in the classroom, as you travel, and as you compete at home and on the road.  You are looked upon as a role model, particularly by your peers and younger children, and it is important that your personal conduct be above reproach at all times.  Realize that you are representing yourself, your family, your team, and William Monroe High School.  Do so with class.  Players will dress appropriately for away contests.  Coaches are responsible for advising players of the proper attire.


The VHSL, the Northwestern District, Region 3B, and the William Monroe Athletic Department support and mandate the following consequences:


27-13-6: Players who are ejected from a contest for unsportsman like conduct are ineligible for the team’s next contest.  If the ejection takes place in the final contest of the season, the penalty shall carry over to the next sports season for seniors or to the next school year for underclassmen.  School administration reserves the right to add additional contest suspensions if deemed necessary.




Academic Support System

The William Monroe Athletic Department stresses the importance of a well balanced athletic and academic program for student athletes and realizes that many hours are given for practice, study and total participation in any athletic activity or endeavor.


Our purpose is to monitor student academic progress during the course of the sports season.  All head coaches and their staffs will be responsible for monitoring the grades of students each nine weeks.  If your athlete is in need of help, please let us know.





Athletes should receive only those awards sanctioned by the VHSL or approved by the school administration.  Awards which are symbols of achievement, tradition, and school spirit shall be made to members of athletic teams, team managers, and cheerleaders as well as student trainers.  The coach shall consider the fulfillment of the following requirements in recommending a student for an award:

  • Attendance and punctuality at practice;
  • Observance of training rules as formulated by the coach;
  • Cooperation in upholding group regulations;
  • Attitude in and out of the group;
  • Good school citizenship and team conduct
  • Completion of regular and post-season play – unless injured; and
  • Return of all school equipment, uniform and materials.


  1. Certificates will be awarded to Junior Varsity participants.
  2. Varsity letters are issued the first time a student earns a letter in any sport.
    1. A pin signifying the sport in which the letter is earned will be issued the first time a student letters in that sport
    2. Each subsequent year a student letters in a sport they will receive a Service Bar to signify years of lettering in that sport.
  3. Manager’s awards are issued as above.
  4. The coach shall submit to the Athletic Director the list of recommended participants to receive awards.
  5. Team Banquets: Awards are presented by respective coaches during the team awards event.






Transportation is provided via school buses for all athletic teams for all away trips.


Away Contests: Departure times are determined by the Head Coach and Athletic Director with final approval by the Principal.  Departure times are set so that it does not interfere with the regular school day, unless absolutely necessary.  Student participants are responsible for work missed or assigned. 


Expected return times should be provided by the accompanying coach prior to the trip.  Please note that these times are estimated.  Several factors can cause the times to change.  (Overtime, weather, injuries, etc.) 


All members of the team are required to depart and return with their team.  This includes team members, bona fide scorekeepers, managers and trainers. Team members, score keepers, managers, and trainers may be signed out after away games at the coach’s discretion by the student’s parent, ONLY.  If there are special circumstances you must contact the Athletic Department prior to the trip to make arrangements.



After Event Transportation


Participants must provide their own transportation home once they return to William Monroe High School.  Each participant should make arrangements for his transportation home so that this participant can leave the high school property within 30 minutes after arrival.

Pick up: Each coach will establish a pick up area.  We expect all athletes to remain in this designated are until picked up.




Overnight Stay Supervision Notification


Due to the location and/or schedule of some events, it may be necessary for participants to stay overnight. During this time there will be a clearly defined time of “lights out” when all students will be expected to be in, and stay in, their designated room. Room checks will be made at this time to assure all students are in their designated room. A morning expectation time of awakening will also be given to the students. Between these times, students are expected to remain in their designated room. Students are reminded they are to conduct themselves as leaders and role models of our team, our school and our community. The location of the supervisor’s rooms will be made clear to all students so they may make contact in the event of an emergency or if other needs arise during the night time hours.





  1. The school has the right to revoke the right of the student-athlete to use the Activity Bus in the event of inappropriate behavior.  The consequences may or may not also include suspension from their athletic team.


  1. Cleats, clean or dirty are not permitted to be worn on any William Monroe Buses or in buildings.


  1. The student is financially responsible for any damage done, intentionally or unintentionally, to a William Monroe school bus or charter bus.


  1. WMHS is not responsible for players until the designated time set by coaches for them to report for practices or games.



Participant Discipline Policy Disclaimer:  Any areas or situations not listed or overlooked in this handbook or the WMHS Student Handbook will be addressed by a meeting with player, parents, coach, Athletic Director, and administration.  Consequences will be established and an addendum may be made to the handbook.






Our coaching staff will provide feedback to each participant individually upon request about being selected or not selected on that particular team.  The tryout period will be 3 days and may vary depending on the sport and the number of participants, etc.




Two Sport Athletes


Any athlete that wishes to participate in two sports during the same season should follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Written permission from both coaches and parents to participate.
  2. Designate a primary sport
  3. Practice at least 3 times a week with the secondary sport.
  4. Participates in 50% of scheduled regular season contests
  5. Final approval from Athletic Director




William Monroe High School Athletic Boosters


The William Monroe High School Boosters is an organization designed to provide an additional source of financial support for all student-athletes.  The William Monroe High School Booster Club is governed by its constitution/by laws in order to become a more efficient organization. 


The Athletic Boosters club at William Monroe High School is a volunteer group of dedicated parents and community members that works to support all our Athletic programs.  All the monies raised go directly back to the programs here at WMHS.  We need all the parents support.  If every family volunteers for two events throughout the year, everything will be covered.  Please join and support the Athletic Boosters. 





Any student athlete that is interested in participating in college athletics needs to meet specifically with the school guidance counselor and register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at the following web address:




Department of Athletics and Sports Medicine

Injured Athlete Return to Play Protocol and Expectations


In the event an athlete becomes injured while participating as a William Monroe athlete the following process will take place:

  1. The injured athlete reports injury to the coaching staff immediately.
  2. The coaching staff then refers the athlete to the certified athletic trainer (ATC) for further evaluation.


  1. Following the examination, the ATC will then determine if the athlete can be treated at school or must be referred to a physician for more testing and further evaluation.
  2. If it is determined that the athlete can be treated at school, then the ATC will devise return to play criteria based on the athlete’s tolerance to exercise, functional capabilities and the use of bracing/taping to support the injured area.  This plan will be communicated to the athlete and coaching staff.
  3. If the athlete is referred to a physician OR the athlete seeks evaluation by a physician without first consulting the ATC, then written documentation MUST be presented to the ATC prior to participation.  The orders of the physician will be followed as instructed.  That plan may be deviated from ONLY with documentation from the treating physician.  The plan the physician has implemented will be communicated to the coaching staff.


Injured Athlete Expectations:

  • Communicate ALL injuries to your coach and Athletic Trainer
  • Attend all practices and games while injured.   Travel with the team to away contests.  (Exceptions can be made if circumstances warrant)
  • Follow the instruction of the Doctor and/or Athletic Trainer on return to activity protocol.




Media Consent:  Throughout the sports seasons there are opportunities for our student-athletes to be videoed, have their pictures taken, etc. by local media, coaches, and other school personnel.  These products can be used to promote our schools programs by being published by the local media or used on school based publications and websites.  A Media Consent form is sent home with your student at the beginning of the school year.  Please verify you’re approval on the consent page at the back of this handbook. 








            ____    Handbook acknowledgement

            ____    Assumption of Risk

            ____    Media Consent  (If opting out, do not initial)

            ____    Concussion awareness (Meaning you have viewed the video and understand the risks)








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